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Omagari Fireworks
photo:Daisen City

The Wanderlust of Akita’s Attractions

There are many attractions in the surrounding areas of Shōhōen well known throughout Japan, such as sightseeing spots, traditional festivals, and so forth. Here we will introduce our distinctive local attractions. During your stay with us, we recommend you to travel and visit the attractions with a guidebook in one hand for a more fun experience.

1.Shirakami Mountain Range

A vast mountainous expanse extending nearly 130,000 hectares. With world's largest untouched old-growth beech forest and an invaluable ecosystem, Shirakami-Sanchi has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site to maintain its preservation.
Shirakami Mountain Range

2.Oga Aquarium GAO

With approximately 10,000 sea creatures from the sea of Oga and rivers of Akita, this aquarium rests on a penninsula surrounded by a picturesque scenery. The "Namahage Diver" is a must-see.
Oga Aquarium GAO

3.Akita Prefectural Museum of Art

This museum holds the most paintings of Tsuguharu Fujita (Léonard Foujita), a 1930s world famous western-style painter, in the nation; the mural "Akita no Gyōji"will leave an impression on you.
Akita Prefectural Museum of Art

4.Akita Inland Traverse Railway

This local railway connects Kakunodate to Takanosu. The train windows are filled with beautiful scenery and the tranquil countryside, along with the of the lives of the locals conveyed in this "original Japanese scenery".
Akita Inland Traverse Railway

5.Lake Tazawako

This is Japan's deepest lake at 423.4m depth and has a near circular shape to it.
On the western banks, the legendary Princess Tatsuko appears to be standing still, her form reflecting on the surface of the water.
Lake Tazawako

6.Kakunodate Samurai Town

The present samurai residences are still in the same condition as they were nearly 370 years ago.
It is incredibly beautiful when the weeping cherry trees blossom during spring.
Kakunodate Samurai Town

7.Masuda Storehouse

Yokote City Masuda Town Nakananokamichi Dori has uchigura and town streets that have been designated as a National Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings.
Masuda Storehouse

Canoe cruises at the Omono River

The calm, flowing Omono River behind our inn is the only recognized international canoe cruising area in Japan.
Under an instructor’s guidance, regardless of gender or age, anyone can easily enjoying canoeing.
Canoe cruises at the Omono River
Canoes, of course, and all other necessities will be provided. Spend the night leisurely canoe touring in nature, enjoying to your heart’s content.
◎After lunch, until check-in time
◎After check-out, until lunch time
Please enjoy canoe cruises as an addition to your stay.
For rates and reservations, please inquire with us.